I have a secret announcement that I need to make public soon….very soon! If you’ve been on my social media, you’ve seen it. But I’m waiting for the right moment to post a special blog about it and I can’t wait to share with you all! Any ideas on what it could be? Details will…

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O M G!!!! I have found the pot of gold! In hopes to start meal prepping and eating healthier, balanced meals, I tried HelloFresh, all thanks to my boyfriend. Best. Decision. I’ve. Ever. Made!! I love it! With HelloFresh, you pay weekly, depending on the plan you choose (you can purchase for 2-4 people and…

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L I S T E N U P!

In relationships, sometimes we can take things too far when we joke around. How far is too far? And would your partner allow a third person in the bedroom? Sooooo many questions! LISTEN HERE!

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What a Time to be Alive!

2018 is MY YEAR! I’m naming it and claiming it! It’s already been off to a great start. Let me list all of the reasons why, let me count the ways!: The EAGLES WON THE SUPERBOWL! I started a new job that is paying what I’ve been looking to be paid for yeeeears and it’s…

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L I S T E N U P!

At what point do you express your frustrations with your partner? Do you wait until you’re boiling over or do you speak up at the slightest hiccup? What are your thoughts? 👂🏽LISTEN HERE!

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