THAT “Friend”…..

…..We all know who I am talking about.

That friend who always has to “one up” you.

You call them to tell them a story, and they have a story 10 times more intense, more extravagant and more unbelievable than your own?

That friend who you tell your life plans to and suddenly their plans seem to mirror yours?

That FRIEND that somehow “accidentally” goes on a date with your ex, and doesn’t feel the need or desire to mention it to you? It wasn’t an accident.

We all know who I am talking about. And if you don’t know who or what I am talking about, consider yourself lucky and kiss the friends you have because they are KEEPERS!

I just don’t understand! What happened to people just being genuinely happy for one another? Don’t get me wrong, not every friend is like this. But you may have a friend that happens to exhibit one of the aforementioned traits. It’s never fun. And it’s always a touchy subject. If you don’t like how they are behaving or you’re just really sick and tired of their bullshit, what do you do?

Well, you have many choices. EVERYONE has choices. It’s how you execute your decision that matters the most. Maybe your friend really does have the same things going on as you. OR MAYBE THEY ARE REALLY JEALOUS! A true test to figuring this one out for sure is to come up with an extremely elaborate story, share it with said friend and see if they match you. After you immediately burst into laughter from the thought of how ridiculous it is that they are really going to great lengths to “one up” you, just break it down to them:

Look dude, you don’t have to always agree or do the same thing I’m doing. Can you think on your own?

Sometimes we forget that people really appreciate honesty.

Speaking of HONESTY…..

That friend that forgets to mention your EX happens to be their new person of interest…..this is a sticky one.

Of course anyone with commonsense knows the cardinal rule. Unfortunately, not everyone has commonsense. A lot of people are more book smart before they have commonsense. With these people, you have to set the rules in advance. If you didn’t set the rules and they didn’t have commonsense and the damage has already been done, at this point it is up to you as to whether or not you make a mends, put those rules into place and move on.

Again, that is a sticky one, so tread lightly.

I know so many people that have friends like this. I have a few myself, that’s why I can relate. Or maybe I’m  one of these type of friends…..the world may never know!

But I’m interested in knowing:

What’s been your worse case of That “Friend”?


2 Replies to “THAT “Friend”…..”

  1. ooooooh chile…this sounds all to familiar.. I know we all have our faults but don’t cross the line!!! But I guess one persons trash is another persons treasure!! That’s just plain ole palm tree shady!!!


    1. Yes! No one is perfect. We all definitely have faults. But there is a difference between making a mistake and knowing that what you are doing is a no-no! OR, that you clearly CANNOT think for yourself!



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