Herbal D-Tox: Day 5 & 6


I think things are going according to plan. Yesterday, which was day 5, was amazing! For the first time since starting this cleanse, I was not hungry! Not once. I could have gone the entire day without eating if I wanted to. I had no cravings and I really only ate 3 meals. I didn’t do much snacking, all the while not really craving to snack either. The capsules that are associated with this herbal cleanse are slowly getting easier to take. I have kind of learned to just mesh them with my food and keep it going.

As far as today, because I am working, I haven’t really eaten properly. This of course is causing me to be a  bit more hungry. BUT, the laxaherb capsule, one of the many capsules I take in a day, the prefix to that supplement has FINALLY taken affect. Not to share too much information, but I was really beginning to wonder if it was working! Glad to know that it actually does.

AND, the best part of it finally being day 6 is the fact that I am HALFWAY THROUGH! I’ve made it thus far so there’s no turning back now. I’m anxious to see the final results.

Plus, I will be incorporating a different exercise routine starting Monday. OH JOY! Stay tuned…..



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