3 Things I Want to Say to People Who Annoy Me:

We all know (or may not know) that I have the tendency to get annoyed very easily. And something I am trying to work on is not letting people get to me. Often times someone is so annoying and irking the living hell out of me that I let it affect me. Then, I have to remember what my lovely Mother says, “don’t let someone else steal your joy!” So, instead of cursing someone out and losing my cool, let me take my frustration out on my blog. It’s safer for both parties this way. Here goes:

1. WHY? Why are you such an asshole that must ask me 50 thousand questions? Can you not think for yourself? Does what your asking make any damn sense? Please, have a seat!

2. I just want to high-five you…in the face…with a chair.

3. You’re getting on my f*ck*ng NERVES!! Please get out of my face!


Whew!! I feel better already! These are things I usually say in my head, so it feels amazing to finally get that out. And before anyone goes and gets their panties in a bunch, this is not about anyone in particular. This is just a general feeling of annoyance. Until I have given you the cold shoulder, you’re fine with me. Once I go mute on you, you should be concerned. Just saying.


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