The Fault in Our Stars

I am so excited to watch this movie. I am a sucker for sappy shit like that. I don’t really know what the movie will be about, but I can get a general idea from the previews I’ve seen. And when it comes to books that have been made into movies, I usually don’t read the book first (unless the book is really juicy and it catches my attention immediately). But with this movie, something tells me that the book is going to be amazing! Luckily, I have a really, super amazing coworker who is going to let me borrow the book! So, now I can read the book and be that much more excited to go see the movie.

My coworker says that she can’t help but cry while reading the book. I am SO down for tears. I need some excitement in my life or something to look forward to everyday because I have absolutely nothing going on in my personal-which is soooooooo extremely sad-cry me a river. And considering that this is also a love story (at least from what I’ve seen on the commercials) it’s not going to help the lack of excitement that is going on in my life! In fact, it is going to make me feel worse!
But I am a glutton for punishment. I just love enduring the pain of watching someone else fall in love, especially the way they do in the movies. Those are my favorite. Can I fall in love like that? loveKind of like The Notebook. Their love was unwavering. It was eternal love. Those are what movies are made of. Those movies are the best kind of movies. I always cry….endlessly.
But anywho….not to ramble on and on. The point was that I want to read this book and see this fantastic movie. I’ve been loving the quotes from this movie too! I’m too excited. Video review coming soon after I read the book. And I’m sure a Watch It Wednesday video review after I see the movie.



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I love sharing new ideas and the crazy things that happen in my life. I'm a lover of all things; sunsets, puppies, makeup, fashion, travel, friends and family. I'm a wife to the most amazing man on the PLANET...hands down! And I have the best kid God could have ever blessed me with. But the best part of my journey is that, I love where I’ve been (Maryland-Cali-Vegas) and I'm looking forward to where I'm going!

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