Summer Fashion

I absolutely LOVE dresses! My obsession since the beginning of spring, and now going into summer is dresses! Many years ago I never thought I would say that. I never really liked the girly-girl fashion. But recently, dresses have taken over my closet. Mostly florals or flowing dresses. Those are my fave! I used to shop Forever21 all the time. Then, I found a few new stores and left Forever21 in the past.

Last week while looking online, in desperate need of an outfit for an upcoming event, I went to old faithful Forever21. Usually their plus size section doesn’t have many options, especially when looking for something on the more dressy side. But, I was amazed at what I saw when perusing through the catalog; a bunch of dresses in beautiful prints and styles! I’m all about prints and funky colors. I love being different. They have prints ranging from florals to tribals to stripes to zig-zags….you name it! Check out a few of my favorite finds, then head on over to Forever21 to find a few of your own! SHOPPING SPREEEEEEE!! 


2 Replies to “Summer Fashion”

  1. Forever 21 has been stepping it up in the Plus size department lately! Normally they’re very hit and miss


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