Used VS Loved

A friend of mine posted something on Instagram about people being used versus loved. She spoke about how people should be loved and things should be used. But in this day and age, things are loved and people are used. It struck a nerve with me. How true that is!
As I look back on the things that transpire in my own life, I realize how often I’ve been used as opposed to loved. Why is that? Perhaps it is because I allow it. But as a society, why do we love the material things more than we love each other? What can the material things do for you that another human-being can’t? It’s never a good feeling as a human-being to be used. But an inanimate object knows no difference. Maybe it’s because you can treat a “thing” any way you want and not get backlash. Or you can treat a “thing” any way you want because it doesn’t have feelings. There a numerous scenarios, but why?
I thought this was a very interesting topic. I’m going to try to live the rest of this year loving people and not using them. But in the meantime, I’d like to get more insight as to why this happens. Any thoughts?

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