Lookin’ Rather Homely Girlfriend

Oh boy! Recently I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to keep up with all my beauty regimens. And I’ve sworn off men so I actually don’t care how I’m looking right now. But to be honest, I should care! I should want to look and feel fabulous for myself, If no one else! I’m going to provide a picture below but let me just describe what I’ve got going on:

1. Unkept Eyebrows: completely untamed! My eyebrows are all over the place and quite frankly getting bushier by the minute.

2. Zits!: I woke up this morning and out of nowhere I had 2 bumps on my nose that I totally wasn’t expecting! And I’m completely in shock because when it comes to zits and acne, I usually have little to nonIMG_8819

3. Waxing Please!: my ‘stache is not cute at all. You would think I was one of those foreign girls who was completely un groomed and had a braid dangling from their underarm (we won’t even discuss the chia pet growing there).

I have no idea what is going on with me. I’ve never been this lazy when it comes to grooming. I only mentioned what I labeled in the picture. I can’t even begin to explain the rest of my body. I’ve been walking around with shorts on and my legs need to be shaved. I’ve been biting my nails more than usual and my cuticles look like a homeless persons. My hair needs to be washed and deep conditioned in the worse way. I need a mani and a pedi STAT!

I’m surprised I’ve even been showering the way I’m going. I would tease anyone who looked the way I do right now.

I guess I’m in some kind of “funk” or I just don’t give a “fuck”. But whatever the case, I need to snap out of it! How embarrassing.





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