Holy Camoly!! 

Wow! This month seriously flew by! I have been meaning to blog everything from Fourth of July to meeting Ruby Rose to my birthday. But now here we are at the end of July and I haven’t blogged a thing! Seems to be a common excuse these days that I’m letting time pass me by because I’m so busy. But I’m flirty, thirty and thriving so I’m not going to let a day go by without documenting my experiences! So let’s get going with July and how it panned out. Hold on to your britches because there’s a lot to tell in these upcoming posts!




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I love sharing new ideas and the crazy things that happen in my life (Blogger). I'm a lover of all things; sunsets, puppies, makeup, fashion, travel, friends and family (Lover). I'm a wife to the most amazing man on the PLANET...hands down! (Wife). And I have the best kid God could have ever blessed me with (Mother). But the best part of my journey is that, I love where I’ve been (Maryland👉🏽Cali👉🏽Vegas) and I'm looking forward to where I'm going!

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