Story of My Life

Is this anyone else’s life, or is it just me?

I saw this picture on Facebook and I felt like it was speaking directly to me! In that moment I felt that no statement was more true than this. I always down myself, thinking “I sure know how to pick em!” But maybe they are picking me. Whhhyyyyyyyy??? Leave me alone!! I seem to always end up being interested in or dating someone who is completely not meant for me, or the complete opposite of me and everything I believe in.

At one point I had a thing for bad boys. If he was going to put me in my place, he was my kind of guy. Someone in charge is what got my butta churnin’! But they always ended up being the dick who played emotional games or had an agenda.

I’d try to go for the sensitive guy who I knew wouldn’t treat me wrong. But they’d end up being too soft and I couldn’t deal. There’s nothing that grinds my gears more than a guy who is more emotional than me! If I’m not crying after an argument, why are you?

THEN, I tried to go for someone who was the complete opposite of my type…..

There’s a reason people have a type. You know what you like and that person tends to have a lot in common with you. When I tried to go against that, I found someone who was my polar opposite and we did not mesh well…at ALL!

So what’s a girl to do?! I’d like to say it’s not me. Laws of attraction just make the wrong men flock to me. The last one was a REAL doosy. He had no ambition, no drive, no goals and nothing to really call his own. I’m not a materialistic person and I don’t think it matters if someone has a car or not, if someone has their own place or not, or if someone has a lot of money in their pocket. But at least have ONE of those things, if you don’t have them all! This guy had nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.


You’re in your thirties. What are you doing with your life? After that catastrophe, I decided to take a step back and focus on myself. But I don’t want to be alone forever. So, what’s a girl gotta do to find Mr. Right and not Mr. Right Now?

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