What Do You Mean?

I am by no means a Belieber, but the last few songs Justin Bieber has put out, I have loved. They are so catchy and have great beats. The long anticipated track What Do You Mean (he’s been promoting it by having various celebrities hold up signs of a countdown to the release that read “What Do You Mean?”) finally came out yesterday and I must admit it’s a pretty damn good song. I think I’ve found a new song to call “my jam”. I’m sure I’ll get sick of it eventually. I’m sure I’ll play it out. But in the meantime, kudos to you JB for reinventing yourself. I guess it’s safe to say…..HE’S BACK! I can’t wait to see the real video, mostly because John Leguizamo will be in it. But for now, I’ll settle for the lyric vid. At least Ryan Sheckler is featured in it. I use to have such a wetty for him :-)


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