Phase 10 with Friends! 

Phase 10 is by far my favorite card game to play with friends. It gets tricky when you play with competitive people. It gets intense! I myself am a sore loser and I’m very competitive. This game could make or break friendships! It’s that damn serious. Every Wednesday or Thursday night, my friends and I try to have game night. Phase 10 is usually the go to game. For those who don’t know what Phase 10 is or have never played, it’s a game of strategy with a challenging and exciting twist. And it lasts forever. I usually need to have a drink or two so I don’t strangle anyone during the game, but at the end of the night, we share some great stories and lots of laughs. We’ve even incorporated drinking with the game. It definitely adds a twist. And as you can imagine, makes the intensity of the competitiveness that much stronger! Tonight, we had another game night, filled with music (jamming and reminiscing to old school New Edition and Bell Biv Devoe songs) drinking, candy, laughs and Chick-Fil-A. I love my little group of friends turned family and I look forward to many more nights of random fun!

💋 TJ

2 Replies to “Phase 10 with Friends! ”

  1. ONE: I am not sure which coast you left and which you went to (or where these fun looking CARD GAMES take place. B: From the looks of the pics, sadly I am OLD ENOUGH to be all ya’lls grannie Carrie (LOL), and to conclude, I am SO SAD my fat ass ain’t sitting in one of the empty spots at that table and my big ass RACK ain’t resting comfortably on said table while we played some phase 10!! Sniff. No one around here plays anything but SLOTS at the Indian Casino (not that I don’t like that, but hey cards is cheaper lol). Never you all mind there is a dog there (I am NOT put off, my cats don’t travel well so they are fine staying home… plus my 1st grandbaby is Bubba the Chihuahua who thinks he is a German Sheppard. So I am COOL with the pooch! Now yeah I am SURE I’d be all you guys ELDER, but I am a cool middle aged broad… 52 and have friends of all ages! Oh and I am not sure what cha gals are smoking, but I am used to smoke from the cancer sticks I toke to the smoke from the tree (aka weed, tree, pot, ETC) that both my sons smoke from sun up til sun down. So see? I might be a menopausal middle aged white grandma (and yeah I have 2 legit grandbabys lol) from Northern CA but DAMMIT GALS I WANNA PLAY !! :) Looks like fun .. I googled how to find friends to add to my friends list because I can only play it on Facebook and have no friends who even play it there.. ended up here, but it gave me a smile! Next game can you make me an honorary player and tell everyone let’s play this game in honor of CALIFORNIA CARRIE?? LOL I’d love it! Going to read around your blog sweetie. Wherever you moved, I hope you have settled in well and are ok with it. My folks moved us when I was 12 from the BIG CITY OF LOS ANGELES to bum fuck Egypt way up in Northern CA where there was nothing but pastures of cows and rednecks (cowboys) … I hated it. 40 years later, not for all the money in the world would I leave this place (though it has grown TONS it still is pretty rural). … I look forward to learning more about ya! I remember passing over one thing that we do have in common. I too , am a mother. So see?? If I could get me to your next game night, I promise I would fit in lol. Peace and Love…. Carrie


    1. Hahaha! You’re too cute. I’m not on the West Coast anymore. But when I go back to visit, I’ll definitely look you up. You seem like tons of fun!


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