Surprise! Surprise!

Babe’s birthday is coming up! And when it comes to birthdays, I like to go all out!! I have a few different surprises for him this year and last night was surprise #1, although he knew about it a month ago because I couldn’t hold it in lol. We had an amazing time at the Jay-Z 4:44 concert. Jay-Z did not disappoint! We were jamming to all the old hits we grew up on. We lost our minds! Take a look at our crazy night. And be on the lookout for part 2 & 3, which will be coming in a few weeks, as the surprises happen. Eeeek! I can’t wait until he sees surprise #2! He has no idea what is happening next! But he definitely deserves it all!

“Say bye, babe!” “Bye babe!”





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I love sharing new ideas and the crazy things that happen in my life. I'm a lover of all things; sunsets, puppies, makeup, fashion, travel, friends and family. I'm a wife to the most amazing man on the PLANET...hands down! And I have the best kid God could have ever blessed me with. But the best part of my journey is that, I love where I’ve been (Maryland-Cali-Vegas) and I'm looking forward to where I'm going!

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