Getting Ready with TJ!

It seems that I have become the unofficial cosmetologist in the family. I always find myself doing someone’s hair and recently my sisters makeup, on more than one occasion. I don’t mind doing hair and makeup because I’m a perfectionist and I like to see amazing end results. But, I don’t think I could do this professionally because when money is involved with paying clients, the expectations are a lot higher. I don’t want someone’s big day resting in my hands, if things don’t turn out the way they expected them to. So, for now, I just play around with it.

In this video I’m getting my sister ready for the Military Ball. Unfortunately, a lot of my makeup supplies are in Vegas in my storage unit so, I’ve had to resort to working with what I have; which includes using my fingers instead of brushes and using lip colors to blend eye shadows. The end result is all the same and my sister is always satisfied with the outcome.

Take a look at the video we made to document the process. I always love trying new colors on my sister. I wonder what event she will have me make her up for next!



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