Well, Hello!

img_0064Moving from one coast to the other is an experience and feat in itself. Boy do I wish I would have had this blog then! The things I’ve seen! The people I’ve met!

But this is not my first time blogging. I previously had a website called b!tchpleez (super original, right?)…..it was fun for me to do for a while, but it was more of a celebrity gossip blog and it became a bit too much. This time I’d rather write about something I know…..ME!


Hello! I am TJ Mayo, hence the HOLDING OF THE MAYO (lol), exposing all that is me, to a GIGANTIC world of people I have never met. I can share the good, the bad and all the things in between. At the end of the day, life goes on day-by-day, and I plan to enjoy each moment like it’s my last. I love the beach. I love sunsets. I love road trips. I love breakfast foods (especially pancakes/waffles). I love red lips. I love classic movies. I love Disneyland. I love my friends. I LOVE my family.

I am a mother……I will talk about my love for him

I am outspoken……..I will discuss what I like and don’t like

I am outgoing…….I will share all of the EXCITEMENT that happens in my life

Welcome! Enjoy the read. Enjoy my Lifestyle Blog!


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