Well, Hello!

Living my best life while enjoying the Grand CanyonMoving from one coast to the other is an experience and feat all in itself. Boy do I wish I would have had this blog then! The things I’ve seen! The people I’ve met!

But this is not my first time blogging. I previously had a website called b!tchpleez (super original, right?)…..it was fun for me to do for a while, but it was more of a celebrity gossip blog and it became a bit too much. This time I’d rather write about something I know…..ME!


Hello! I am TJ Mayo, hence the HOLDING OF THE MAYO (lol), exposing all that is me, to a GIGANTIC world of people I have never met. I can share the good, the bad and all the things in between. At the end of the day, life goes on day-by-day, and I plan to enjoy each moment like it’s my last. You have to have some pretty big balls to share intimate words with the internet. So, I’m assuming my cojones are rather LARGE! I love the beach. I love sunsets. I love road trips. I love breakfast foods (especially pancakes/waffles). I love red lips. I love classic movies. I love Disneyland. I love my friends. I LOVE my family.

 I am a mother……I will talk about my love for him

I am a WIFE……I will glorify our happily-ever-after

I am outspoken……..I will discuss what I like and don’t like

But MOST of all

I am outgoing…….I will share all of the EXCITEMENT that happens in my life

Welcome! Enjoy the read. Enjoy my Lifestyle Blog!


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