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I Just Can’t Get Enough!

This color is amazing! The dark deep red and burgundy or wine colors are my fave for Winter. Especially for lips. Yesterday I picked up a cute Winter nail color and a deep red lip color. I’m hooked!! I will continue to pick up deep colors like these until Spring arrives! What are your favorite…

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All I Want for Christmas!

The year is quickly coming to an end. Thanksgiving and Christmas are literally right around the corner! This year there are some goodies that I have had my eye on and I cannot WAIT to send my wishlist to my mommy! (yes, I still give her a list of all the things I’d like-I’ll never grow…

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The Wrath!

LA traffic is beyond frustrating! It’s a struggle everyday. And it’s more frustrating when people are so impatient. So, I had to speak on it. Also, another frustrating factor with driving is the gas prices! Why are they so high?! Times like this, I wish I was back on the East Coast, where gas prices…

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I love makeup as much as the next girl. But when applying makeup makes you look like a completely different person, that’s false advertising!! Makeup is supposed to enhance your natural beauty. Not make you look like someone else! I only dabble in a little bit of makeup, only doing my eyes or lips. Rarely,…

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What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

I am a huge fan of fun makeup. Something that makes you feel glamorous and pretty when everything else seems out of sync. Putting on some sexy red lips, smokey eyes or some bangin’ brows can turn my mood alllll the way around. Here’s a quick peek into my bag. It’s not a lot, but…

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