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#20: Volunteer. Check!

Ride in a helicopter Go horseback riding Wear a bikini Visit Canada Ride in a hot air balloon Get my credit score up to 750! Go bra-less in public Ride in a convertible Try a new food Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center Visit a winery Go skiing Marry my best friend Stomp grapes Write…

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Petty People

Where did this word “petty” come from? Where did this action come from? More importantly, why do people earnestly feel the need to be petty for absolutely NO. REASON. AT. ALL!? I thought with age, the pettiness would get better….NOT! I’ve come to the conclusion that middle-aged women are the pettiest of them all. Makes…

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L I S T E N U P!

We have been away for far too long! Two weeks was definitely too long to not record a podcast, but we had a good excuse. Moving! Join us as we discuss our first two weeks together. This should be interesting! LISTEN HERE!

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#Hashtag #Help!

Help! Activities for our wedding are about to commence (as early as this weekend-YIKES! 😯) and I need the perfect hashtag to brand our events. What’s in a wedding hashtag? Everything! This will be the cute slogan that represents our wedding all across social media! With each hashtag put out in the atmosphere, I’ll be…

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Kill ‘Em with Kindness!

How many of you have had your mother tell you that phrase before? I heard it all the time from my mother growing up. Whenever someone was being nasty, or mean to me and it would hurt my feelings, my mother would tell me “kill them with kindness”. I never thought that statement was good…

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