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Tiff’s TankedGiving: Success!

The first year was a blast! The second year was the best! We had such a great time this year celebrating Thanksgiving with the Family. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. I decided to record the festivities as a vlog instead of sitting down and just talking about the day because I wanted…

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Yes, I’m Medicated!

After my last YouTube video, where I mentioned at the end that I am medicated for anxiety and depression, I had a few people come to me and say they had no idea. That’s a good thing! I don’t specifically walk around with a sign that says, “I’m medicated!”, so how would you know unless…

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Paint Night=Date Night!

Ohhhhh how I’ve missed my bestie Annette and her wife Michele! When I was living in Vegas, we were together alllll the time! And since I’ve moved, I’ve missed being with them on a regular basis. Mostly because they are fun as hell to watch interact with each other! But mainly because they are family.…

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Planning Ahead…OR NOT!

I’ve never been much of a planner. I’ve always been the type of person to do everything on a whim. My boyfriend is the complete opposite and insists that I try to be a planner. But I don’t wanna! I like to live by the seat of my pants, whilst that gives him all kinds…

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Dreams Come True at 32!

It’s My birthday!!!     Another year has gone by and another birthday has come. I’m so excited for a fresh beginning at a chance to learn new things and experience wonderful adventures with the people I love. Year 31 was amazing, but I know 32 is about to show out! My mantra this year…

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