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Tiff’s TankedGiving: Success!

The first year was a blast! The second year was the best! We had such a great time this year celebrating Thanksgiving with the Family. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. I decided to record the festivities as a vlog instead of sitting down and just talking about the day because I wanted…

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To Infinity….

It’s been waaaaay too long…. I’ve been gone for so long from my blog, that it’s unacceptable. But to my defense, I’ve been busy falling in love with someone I’ve known for a long time; an amazing man. The man of my dreams 😍. As of late, I’ve been the happiest I’ve been in a…

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It’s very hard to find a connection with someone who is genuine. A connection where every conversation is nothing but laughter, sincerity, happiness and joy. You can’t find that in a lot of people; especially people of the opposite sex. Not many people are genuine and often have ulterior motives. So, when you come across…

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Love Languages

Ever wonder what your core needs are when involved in a relationship? What truly works to keep you happy with your significant other? I would have never thought of taking this test, until it was pointed out by a friend that I should try it, so I can see what I crave or what my…

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Valentine’s Day Blues 

WELP, it’s February 1st. You know what that means! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… Yes, I am about to be one of those people. The one who has a “woe is me” pity-party about this overrated “holiday” (that’s just the bitterness talking). But seriously, I just want to feel loved too! Who come…

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A Love Like No Other

No one really understands the love a mother has for their child until they actually become one. It’s the one thing you hear every new mother say the first time they lay eyes on their newborn. Today I was looking at my son; just staring at him as he was playing on the computer, and…

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