Category: Friendship

We Are All Kings!

The Cherry Has Been Popped! Finally, I have lived in California for over 4 years and I have never been to an L.A. Kings game…..until last night. It wasn’t until about two years ago, when I met my friend Blessa, that I even knew what or who the Kings were. I had never met such…

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Restaurant Review: Leo & Lily

Last weekend I went to this quaint little cafe- Leo & Lily– with my Trixie! She’d been there several times before and wanted to share the experience with me. It was a cute little restaurant that gave you the option of dining in or outside on the patio or sidewalk style. The presentation of the…

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Gotta Love Gabs & Tori!

Just a little bit of randomness for the night. Good friends are hard to find; so when you find them, hold on tight! This is what happens when you leave your phone on and recording and you walk away. A simple “girls night” that turned into a rant about oooooh so many other things. They…

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“I Do!” BBQ

Happy Labor Day! It’s always a fun time when you can share the holidays with fam and friends. It’s a fun way to be yourself and enjoy the company of others. Today I went to a BBQ to celebrate the engagement of a friend of mine. It was hot as hell outside, but all-in-all it…

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Monday Bluuuuues….

Monday Bluuuues… Everyone knows the feeling. You come off a great weekend; time you may have spent with friends, family or that special boy toy (wink, wink) and you gotta get back to work. Blah! No one likes to do it. I’d personally like to spend that time recovering from the weekend. Preferably in my…

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Snap Back!

The New Craze! I’ve been on SnapChat since the app first started and it was so slow to begin. But now, everyone is on it and I can’t do a thing without Snapping!! Come be a part of the fun and check out my crazy stories! I wanna see yours too!

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Circle of Friends!

My circle is dope as hell! My circle of friends is everything I could need right now and more. I have never been happier than I am right now to have the friends I have and the relationships I’ve built. I have a good group around me and I couldn’t ask for more. The older…

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