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The past week has been absolutely amazing! It went by quickly, but I will never forget the memories made! I can only hope for more amazingly fun times like this in the future. As promised in an earlier post, here is a small glimpse of the magic that happened this past week. I hope you…

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Time Flies….

…..When you are having fun! And that has been proven this week. I have failed to keep you all updated on my blog because I’ve been soooo busy with my friends from out of town. We have had a great time, memories we will be talking about for years. I’m glad they were finally able…

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Surprise, Surprise!

I picked some friends up from the airport earlier. Now I’m on shift 2 to pick up someone else. The crazy part is, the friend I picked up earlier has no idea that the person I’m picking up now is one of her surprises! She might lose her shit! And the only reason I can…

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Girls Weekend!

Friends are easy to find. Finding loyal friends is a different story. I thought when moving to California, I was going to have a difficult time adjusting, not only to the area, but to the people. It wasn’t until I started working that I opened up more. I didn’t want to open up before because…

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THAT “Friend”…..

…..We all know who I am talking about. That friend who always has to “one up” you. You call them to tell them a story, and they have a story 10 times more intense, more extravagant and more unbelievable than your own? That friend who you tell your life plans to and suddenly their plans…

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