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Runaway Groom…..

I always have the craziest dreams, and last night was no exception. The guy I wrote about in a post a week or so ago, the dream had a lot to do with him. I had a dream we were getting married! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Of course, it started off…

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::Dreams Sometimes Do Come True::

Today’s task in this 30-day Blog Challenge is to show my dream wedding. I always go back and forth with this one because the fantasy of my fairytale wedding changes daily. Thank God for Pinterest! I’m happy I haven’t been in a relationship that has gotten to the point of marriage because when the day does come, I…

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The “Stalker”

No one wants a needy guy. It’s one thing when they are sensitive, nurturing or caring. But there is a whole different level that usually women are guilty of and you typically don’t see this trait in too many men. I am of course referring to STALKING! Whether it be the literal term or the…

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For The One That Got Away

Here it goes. Here goes nothing. It’s late at night and I have nothing better to do than pour my heart out. These thoughts that run wildly through my head often keep me up at night. All the “what ifs” and “maybe if I woulda done this differently”. Sometimes you can’t help but to wonder.…

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