L I S T E N U P!

On the latest episode of TakeTew, which also happens to be the last episode of season 2 (eeek!), Aaron and I discuss family. Family is so important to the both of us, but right now our relationship with “family” is a little unconventional. What are your thoughts on what your relationship should be with your…

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IPSY Haul!

Soooooo, I decided to get back on the Ipsy bandwagon and the two bags I’ve gotten since being back on the subscription have been awesome! I’ve loved the products I’ve received and I think I am going to stick with it for a while this time. If you recall, I used to subscribe to Ipsy…

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Endless Cruisin’!

I love my husband. I love him so much! I love surprising him and doing special things for him because he truly deserves it. He is the hardest working man I know and his #1 mission in life is to take care of his family. He doesn’t take a lot of time out for himself,…

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VITAMINS! I’m on this new kick where everything is about health and wellness (I’ve said this before…right?) But this time, it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day! I was doing what most of us do, before going to bed, scrolling through Facebook- and I came across an ad for these personalized vitamin packs. I…

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L I S T E N U P !

We need to get our act together!! How dare we only post ONE podcast the entire month of August! Hopefully, we will do a much better job this month. We were far better at this when we were NOT living together! Anywho….I promise we are going to make this a priority. Especially since, as you’ll…

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Here is the link for the update on my last post: House Tours. Make sure you check it out to see the addition to our living room I promised; our new coffee table! Tell me what you think! ~T

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House Tours!

In May, Aaron and I moved into our first home together. So far, we have both been living in marital bliss! Although this is not our forever home, we have still made it OUR home, until we purchase our first home in a few years. And with that, we have taken every measure to decorate…

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Just Strong!

Not just strong for a girl…JUST STRONG!  My injury is finally healed and I am getting back on the grind with my fitness. To hold myself accountable, I have decided to team with a community that is all about women empowerment. When it comes to the men’s fitness world, they lift each other up, boost…

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All the Rave!

I have found a new beauty favorite! Everyone who knows me knows I love a good lip color. I tend to lean more towards reds and darker colors. There’s something about my skin tone and a red/dark color that just makes my lips pop! And now, I have found the perfect match! A few months…

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