And How Was Your Day?

I’m trying to kick this 30-day blog challenge off right. Today’s challenge is to post a picture of myself and explain how my day was. So here goes…. Today was like any other day. I went to work, I dealt with clients, I administered some training and then I went on to my motherly duties.…

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Mr. Cool Guy

There is always that one guy who thinks that every girl in the world wants him. That he is by far the most attractive man and he is completely irresistible to the opposite sex. Hell, he may even think he is irresistible to the same-sex. You can easily spot out Mr. Cool Guy by the…

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Are You Down?

….for the 30-day Beach Bod Challenge? Take the challenge with me and lets see what happens. Challenge starts April 1. Don’t be a fool! Let’s do this! #healthystart #healthyfinish Use the hashtag #30dayfitness on Twitter and Instagram to see how the rest of the world is fighting for that beach body!  

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Herbal D-Tox: FINAL DAYS!!!

I have finally completed my 12-day detox! And boy was it a challenge. Now, the challenge will be maintaining. I have to remember my good and bad food choices. At the end of the 12-days, I lost a total of 10 pounds!! Holy fat-burner!! The goal now is to continue working out and making healthy…

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The Popper

We all have one of these in our life. It’s that person that only comes around or contacts you when it is convenient for them. The person that pops IN and OUT of your life sporadically. Know who I’m talking about? Can you picture that person in your head right now? Well, for me, it’s always…

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