For The One That Got Away

Here it goes. Here goes nothing. It’s late at night and I have nothing better to do than pour my heart out. These thoughts that run wildly through my head often keep me up at night. All the “what ifs” and “maybe if I woulda done this differently”. Sometimes you can’t help but to wonder.…

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LA Traffic…..Ugh!

LA’s mistress–the one thing that takes up all of LA’s time and space. The mistress that makes it hard to function in life because you have to plan your day according to when she will occupy LA’s time. The mistress, also lovingly known as TRAFFIC! I know so many people who refuse to move to LA, solely…

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THAT “Friend”…..

…..We all know who I am talking about. That friend who always has to “one up” you. You call them to tell them a story, and they have a story 10 times more intense, more extravagant and more unbelievable than your own? That friend who you tell your life plans to and suddenly their plans…

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