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What a concept, right? To even think that you’d ever have to co-parent with another person, who helped create your child, is cringe-worthy. It’s sad, really. Kind of like the co-captain to your football team, but not as fun. It’s an eerie thought for anyone, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. Everyone wants to…

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35 By 35

Have you ever read a book and once complete, you wonder what the characters are up to? You get so engrossed in the book that the characters become real to you and it seems as if they are friends you’ve had for a long time? Almost as if they are real people and their lives…

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Petty People

Where did this word “petty” come from? Where did this action come from? More importantly, why do people earnestly feel the need to be petty for absolutely NO. REASON. AT. ALL!? I thought with age, the pettiness would get better….NOT! I’ve come to the conclusion that middle-aged women are the pettiest of them all. Makes…

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L I S T E N U P!

We have been away for far too long! Two weeks was definitely too long to not record a podcast, but we had a good excuse. Moving! Join us as we discuss our first two weeks together. This should be interesting! LISTEN HERE!

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Be True. Be You. Damnit!

Oh, the places you’ll go. The lessons you’ll learn. And I’m learning them, honey. The older I get, the more I am learning to love myself and to be my true self. I don’t need to fit into anyone’s mold or idea of how I should be. I can just be me, authentically and unapologetically.…

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#Hashtag #Help!

Help! Activities for our wedding are about to commence (as early as this weekend-YIKES! 😯) and I need the perfect hashtag to brand our events. What’s in a wedding hashtag? Everything! This will be the cute slogan that represents our wedding all across social media! With each hashtag put out in the atmosphere, I’ll be…

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L I S T E N U P!

In relationships, sometimes we can take things too far when we joke around. How far is too far? And would your partner allow a third person in the bedroom? Sooooo many questions! LISTEN HERE!

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