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Just Strong!

Not just strong for a girl…JUST STRONG!  My injury is finally healed and I am getting back on the grind with my fitness. To hold myself accountable, I have decided to team with a community that is all about women empowerment. When it comes to the men’s fitness world, they lift each other up, boost…

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Aqua Fit! 💪🏽

I’ve recently gotten back on my healthy lifestyle kick and I’ve been obsessed with burning calories. This go ‘round, with the help of my babe and my Apple Watch, I’m sticking to my guns and finally getting down to the weight I’ve been longing to see. Since signing back up at the gym, I’ve been…

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Yes, it’s a real thing!  Someone told me about “gymgasms” or “coregasms” a few years ago when I first started working out intensely. I didn’t believe it could be possible, but it totally is. Years ago when I was in the gym regularly, I experienced what this term meant. And now that I am in…

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You Are What You Eat

…And I refuse to be a lard chunk of meat! I’d rather be a sweet, ripe strawberry! LOL For years (from the time I made my transition to California in 2011) I have been eating healthy, working out, being focused….I even quit smoking! Then life became life, my World got busy and I lost focus.…

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Fitness Check-in!

Oh boy, have I been bad! Today was the first time in a long time that I woke up at 5AM to go running! It’s been a long time coming. Hopefully, this will be a trend I keep up with. It was kind of like riding a bike; once I got out there it was…

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Take Me Out to The Ball Game

It’s that time of year again. Time for my schedule to get even more busy than it already is. My Tuesday’s and Saturday’s will now be even more jam-packed!  Time to sit on the bleachers in the blazing sun. Time to yell at the other parents who are being completely unreasonable to a bunch of…

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