Our Story: Second Chances…

Nothing really needs to be said. I should just post the video and let it speak for itself. But…Our Story….wow! Our Story is something pretty great. The way we were … Continue reading Our Story: Second Chances…

Fan Appreciation!

Well, hello!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve shown appreciation to all of the wonderful people who view and subscribe to my blog. I’m thankful for the continued support! … Continue reading Fan Appreciation!

Travel: Take Me Back!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel. Usually, as the weather gets warmer, I get this itch in my bones to be adventurous! I start to think … Continue reading Travel: Take Me Back!

I’m Obsessed! #sorrynotsorry

Okay, so I already have a soft spot in my heart forĀ biracialĀ men with pretty eyesĀ (I don’t know why I have this soft spot-does that make me shallow?), but this man … Continue reading I’m Obsessed! #sorrynotsorry