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Tiff’s TankedGiving: Success!

The first year was a blast! The second year was the best! We had such a great time this year celebrating Thanksgiving with the Family. I couldn’t have asked for a better turnout. I decided to record the festivities as a vlog instead of sitting down and just talking about the day because I wanted…

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Valentine’s Day Blues 

WELP, it’s February 1st. You know what that means! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner… Yes, I am about to be one of those people. The one who has a “woe is me” pity-party about this overrated “holiday” (that’s just the bitterness talking). But seriously, I just want to feel loved too! Who come…

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Ugly Sweater Christmas Party!

I’ve always heard people talk about these ugly sweater Christmas parties and obsess about them, but I have never really attended one. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I could never seem to find a sweater that exemplified that right amount of “ugly”! I know I could go to the thrift store to…

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