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On October 10, 1995, I was a 10 year old girl. I was asked by my grandmother, the Chief of Protocol to the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, how I felt about reciting a poem by the late Dr. Maya Angelou at the Million Man March. I had no idea what this March was about or…

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Story of My Life

Is this anyone else’s life, or is it just me? I saw this picture on Facebook and I felt like it was speaking directly to me! In that moment I felt that no statement was more true than this. I always down myself, thinking “I sure know how to pick em!” But maybe they are…

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Stood Up! AGAIN!

Ya know, I would think that the older I get, the less this would be happening. But not so much. I’m so immune to the games men play that getting stood up is not even a surprise anymore. The thing that bothers me the most is when I get stood up by someone I actually…

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I am completely, totally and utterly obsessed with YouTube now! I’ve had my channel since 2010, but I never really did much on it. Lately, that’s been my attachment to this blog. I go between there and here to give all the latest scoop of what’s going on in my life. BUT, I don’t want to…

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Ode to Channing Tatum

I’ve always been infatuated with this man. But seeing as though his new movie came out this weekend, it seems like the perfect opportunity to express my love for him. Let me tell you how it all began…… When I was a sophomore/junior in high school, which feels like ages ago, I would come home everyday from…

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