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Music Monday!

I’m OBSESSED with Rihanna! For whatever reason, her songs have been in my head for the past two months and I can’t stop listening to her music, old and new!  This song here has been the theme song in the crazy dreams I’ve been having for the past week. I’m not sure what’s going on,…

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Love Is Sacrifice

When it comes to my writing, certain things, events or people inspire the blogs I write. Motivation and inspiration is everywhere. The phrase “love is sacrifice” would have never been a thought to cross my mind if it weren’t for a recent conversation I had with a friend. I guess it wouldn’t have crossed my…

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Monday Motivation! 

My Monday motivation has arrived!! As most of you know, I’m on this health and wellness journey to get back to the old me! So far, the journey has been pretty successful. A few weeks ago I decide to put my old faithful Angels card to use and order some things from Vickies (Victoria’s Secret).…

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Herbal D-Tox: Day 5 & 6

Well….. I think things are going according to plan. Yesterday, which was day 5, was amazing! For the first time since starting this cleanse, I was not hungry! Not once. I could have gone the entire day without eating if I wanted to. I had no cravings and I really only ate 3 meals. I…

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