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Turn It Up Tuesday!

I am in LOVE with this new song from Demi! So much so, that I want to download her album. I think this video was put together well annnnnnnd not to mention, other than Aaron, the other love of my life Jessie Williams is the male lead in the video. He looks soooo yummy! Sorry…

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Top 10 Summer Faves!

Summer 2017 has been great AMAZING for me, thus far. I’ve done some traveling, I’ve made some changes, I’ve moved and I’ve made great memories! All of which are memories I will hold on to for a lifetime. And guess what? The best part….summer still isn’t over! There’s at least another month of memories to…

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Livin’ The Lyrics

For people who absolutely love music and music is life, you’ll understand what I mean when I say certain lyrics are EVERYTHING! You can listen to a song and the lyrics exude everything you’re feeling or going through at the time. When I find a song that resonates with me like that, I keep it…

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Turn It Up Tuesday! 

Since I missed Music Monday yesterday, I decided to turn the volume allllll the way up on the song I’m sharing today. This song, by Alicia Keys, seems so fitting, considering it is Valentine’s Day! The song speaks of being in love, but struggling through distance and time. Sounds all too familiar for me :)…

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Music Monday 🎶 

My last few posts have been pretty mushy and sentimental, so I decided to keep with the theme for this weeks music choice. The song I have chosen is a song I have loved for a very long time. I have said for the last few years that when, and if, I do get married,…

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Music Monday!

I’m OBSESSED with Rihanna! For whatever reason, her songs have been in my head for the past two months and I can’t stop listening to her music, old and new!  This song here has been the theme song in the crazy dreams I’ve been having for the past week. I’m not sure what’s going on,…

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Hold Me

Over the past few weeks I have been in my feels over this song. I have been obsessed about it, had it on repeat and even put it on my list of favorite things-January Edition. There’s something about the lyrics that resonate with me. The song is a cute ballad and the singer reminds me…

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