Our Story: Second Chances…

Nothing really needs to be said. I should just post the video and let it speak for itself. But…Our Story….wow! Our Story is something pretty great. The way we were … Continue reading Our Story: Second Chances…

Travel: Take Me Back!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel. Usually, as the weather gets warmer, I get this itch in my bones to be adventurous! I start to think … Continue reading Travel: Take Me Back!


I am completely, totally and utterly obsessed with YouTube now! I’ve had my channel since 2010, but I never really did much on it. Lately, that’s been my attachment to … Continue reading New ADDICTION!

The BEST Chick Flicks….Of ALL TIME!

I love movies. I love movies A LOT! My favorite types of movies are the ones that make you believe in love and life. The ones that give you hope … Continue reading The BEST Chick Flicks….Of ALL TIME!