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The Perfect Match!

We all go through it. The struggle of finding the perfect match for our foundation. That has always been the frustrating part of wearing makeup. It still is sometimes, to this day! Choosing a foundation has never been something I could do on my own. I either pick a color that’s far too light, making…

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Adventure Time: Summers Farm!

Fall season is my favorite season and I couldn’t let it pass without going to a pumpkin patch! I wanted to go somewhere that would be entertaining enough for my sister (teenager) and my son (pre-teen), and they wouldn’t feel like every attraction was a “baby” attraction. Summers Farm certainly did not disappoint! They had…

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Let Me Be Clear….

When I started this blog 3 years ago, I intended to use it as an outlet to allow my creative juices to flow. I love writing and I love being creative. I wanted to share positivity and the crazy experiences and adventures in my life with others. It was also a way for me to…

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Fan Appreciation!

Well, hello!  It’s been quite some time since I’ve shown appreciation to all of the wonderful people who view and subscribe to my blog. I’m thankful for the continued support! This thing started off as something small to keep my creative juices flowing. Writing is a HUGE passion of mine, if you haven’t noticed. I’m…

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Restaurant Review: Faustos! 

Oh. My. God!! I am such a sucker for Mexican food! I never knew what GOOD, authentic Mexican food tasted like until I moved to the West Coast. I’ve been hooked ever since. For whatever reason, Mexican cuisine is seasoned better. The juices from a carne asada taco…mmm! mmm! mmm! It’s something from the Gods!…

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Restaurant Review: Sake 2 Me!

I didn’t become a fan of sushi until I moved to California. I knew what it was, but never had a desire to try it. I hadn’t even eaten Edamame until I switched coasts. Now, I can’t get enough! Especially the garlic Edamame. When I moved here and began making friends, they insisted that I…

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