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Adventure Time: Summers Farm!

Fall season is my favorite season and I couldn’t let it pass without going to a pumpkin patch! I wanted to go somewhere that would be entertaining enough for my sister (teenager) and my son (pre-teen), and they wouldn’t feel like every attraction was a “baby” attraction. Summers Farm certainly did not disappoint! They had…

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Monday Motivation! 

My Monday motivation has arrived!! As most of you know, I’m on this health and wellness journey to get back to the old me! So far, the journey has been pretty successful. A few weeks ago I decide to put my old faithful Angels card to use and order some things from Vickies (Victoria’s Secret).…

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Birthday Month!

Helloooooo July! It’s my favorite month of the year; July! I will be celebrating the month of my DIRTY THIRTY all month long. I have mixed emotions about my birthday this year because I don’t know how I feel to finally be entering my thirties. I know people say this is the year of your…

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Excuse Me, I’m PMSing!

I am in a piss-poor mood today! The day started off fine, and then BAM! Back away from this bitch! I’m not sure if the 106 degree weather had something to do with it or my nagging son. Both of us were irritated. He had a baseball game today in all this heat. He didn’t…

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I. Can’t. Wait!!!

Boy Meets World was my absolute favorite show growing up! So imagine how thrilled ecstatic I was to find out there would be a spin-off?!? I simply adore Topanga & Corey! This will probably be the ONLY reason I ever watch the Disney Channel. Hurry up summer!!!

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