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Love Languages

Ever wonder what your core needs are when involved in a relationship? What truly works to keep you happy with your significant other? I would have never thought of taking this test, until it was pointed out by a friend that I should try it, so I can see what I crave or what my…

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A Love Like No Other

No one really understands the love a mother has for their child until they actually become one. It’s the one thing you hear every new mother say the first time they lay eyes on their newborn. Today I was looking at my son; just staring at him as he was playing on the computer, and…

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Atlantic City Spontaneity ❤️

At one time or another in our lives, we all recall those memories that tend to bury themselves in the back of our minds. Not because we want to forget them, but because it’s been so long, that when something triggers that memory we find ourselves saying, “oh yeah! That did happen, didn’t it?” Accompanied…

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Circle of Friends!

My circle is dope as hell! My circle of friends is everything I could need right now and more. I have never been happier than I am right now to have the friends I have and the relationships I’ve built. I have a good group around me and I couldn’t ask for more. The older…

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LA Traffic…..Ugh!

LA’s mistress–the one thing that takes up all of LA’s time and space. The mistress that makes it hard to function in life because you have to plan your day according to when she will occupy LA’s time. The mistress, also lovingly known as TRAFFIC! I know so many people who refuse to move to LA, solely…

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