New York State of Mind

A few weeks ago, I took a little time out from my crazy cross-country adventure to get away. New York is one of my favorite cities and I indulged in … Continue reading New York State of Mind

Top 10 Summer Faves!

Summer 2017 has been great AMAZING for me, thus far. I’ve done some traveling, I’ve made some changes, I’ve moved and I’ve made great memories! All of which are memories … Continue reading Top 10 Summer Faves!

Travel: Take Me Back!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is travel. Usually, as the weather gets warmer, I get this itch in my bones to be adventurous! I start to think … Continue reading Travel: Take Me Back!

Atlantic City Spontaneity ❤️

At one time or another in our lives, we all recall those memories that tend to bury themselves in the back of our minds. Not because we want to forget … Continue reading Atlantic City Spontaneity ❤️

Don’t Catch Feelings, Catch Flights! 

When I first saw this little saying: “don’t catch feelings, catch flights”, I loved it! I don’t really know why, it just reasonated with me because it felt like freedom! … Continue reading Don’t Catch Feelings, Catch Flights! 

You Learn Something New…

Everyday is an adventure and with each new adventure and opportunity, you get the chance to meet new people and learn something new or exciting about them. While I realize … Continue reading You Learn Something New…