I’m a Big Kid Now!

Growth. I have grown so much in the past two years that I’ve surprised myself! I’ve recently posted on my Instagram story how sorry I am for the way I’ve … Continue reading I’m a Big Kid Now!


Honesty is probably one of the hardest things to gain from another individual. People want and appreciate honesty, but rarely receive it. I’ve always wondered; why don’t people ever give … Continue reading Honesty….

Guys VS. Girls: Who Is Smarter? 

After having a debate with a male friend via text, in regards to which gender is the smartest, I decided to do some research to get answers to the question … Continue reading Guys VS. Girls: Who Is Smarter? 


I am completely, totally and utterly obsessed with YouTube now! I’ve had my channel since 2010, but I never really did much on it. Lately, that’s been my attachment to … Continue reading New ADDICTION!