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Monday Motivation! 

My Monday motivation has arrived!! As most of you know, I’m on this health and wellness journey to get back to the old me! So far, the journey has been pretty successful. A few weeks ago I decide to put my old faithful Angels card to use and order some things from Vickies (Victoria’s Secret).…

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There’s Something About Life

Life is a funny thing. I’m always amazed by the things that happen that are least expected. For me, it’s always health-wise. And something else that amazes me is the way you find things out. Everything lines up in the universe the way it’s meant to align. It’s the weirdest thing how that works. It’s…

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Herbal D-Tox: Day 1

Well, day 1 has come and gone and I am still ALIVE!! It wasn’t as hard as I imagined it would be. I actually thought I would be in the bathroom all day, because when you think of a “cleanse”, you think of your body being completely cleaned out. But fortunately I wasn’t in and…

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